As a mom to a 6-year-old surviving triplet and a 7-month-old baby, I’m trying to navigate this “new normal”, while being what’s considered an essential worker during the coronavirus pandemic. Each day is filled with so many emotions. I’ve cried realizing that my first grader may not be going back to school this spring and I’ve cried because I am being tugged at every direction at home—the middle of the night feedings, the 6-year-old attitude, the frustration of trying to do work while my children are crying in the background. It’s a lot for any parent.

While many journalists are working from home, I still am anchoring the news from my television station. Sure, it brings out some nerves, knowing that both my husband and I are working outside the home, exposing ourselves to possible germs. But at the same time, I am so grateful for a sense of normalcy. Most of our employees are working from home, so we are able to keep our distance with the few colleagues who are physically in the building. The weight of the grim news has been taxing, along with the backlash the media has received in previous months, but recently, I’ve been able to appreciate how much good is in this world. From people in the community stepping up to help those in need or those who may be out of work, to watching families out for bike rides in the neighborhood, there is plenty to make my heart happy.

For my family, I’ve learned less is more. Instead of lots of schoolwork, my first grader is doing activities like baking and playing outside, being a kid during so much uncertainty in this world. Each week, my family has made a pact to support local businesses, ordering food to go at places like Café Moxo and Three Twigs Bakery, and ordering shoes from Springfield Running Center, instead of making an online purchase at a national chain. It’s those little things we can do to support each other that can make a big difference in the long run. As the weeks turn into months, I remind myself, this too shall pass. My advice–give yourself grace. We’re all in this together.