When our quarantine started, and businesses shut down, I took some time to mourn. I was scared for what it meant for me. How will I pay my bills? Will I be able to come out of this on top and be able to continue to work when the restrictions lift? After some time, I felt at peace. People will always want photos. Business may change, or be slow, but there will be a need for us photographers to continue to document life for others.

So then I turned my concern to the others who are struggling during this time. So many people who’s lives have been turned upside down. People who are working long hours on the front lines protecting our community. People who run small businesses that no longer can operate and may not have the strength to withstand this. People who work in the grocery stores, and restaurants keeping us fed. Parents adjusting to working from home. Teachers teaching outside their classrooms. Seniors who won’t get to see their graduation. It’s affected all of us for sure. And as someone who’s job it is to document life, I felt this drive and need to capture this and document this life right now.

In the coming days I am going to feature different people from our community on this blog. These are people who have been hit by this COVID 19 crisis, but are adapting, and changing and working through it. I hope their stories help connect us, and show us all how we can push through this and overcome. Working together, we will get through this, and we will hopefully be able to pull each other out from the rubble.