I’m an Executive Director at Eastland Independent and Assisted Senior Living in Auburn. Our building is currently on lockdown meaning we are not allowing visitors or residents to leave (unless it’s for an essential medical appointment). Even then there’s a quarantine procedure in place afterwards.

Our staff (myself included) are assessed everyday prior to starting our shift. We are trying to keep the mood as light as possible for our residents while keeping them safe at the same time. We’ve done halfway bingo and one of our staff dressed up as the Easter Bunny to visit with residents to try and bring some cheer. It’s been stressful. I worry about my residents everyday. I pray my staff makes smart decisions and stay home (when not working) to reduce the chance of bringing in germs.

My husband is in the military and can’t leave to come home right now. It’s me and our two youngest. Our oldest is active duty Air Force too in another state. I’m tired but I keep a smile on my face and bring my A game everyday because I have lots of people counting on me.