I have been teaching for 12 years,  and a recurring theme for me has always been, “If I just had a chance to get caught up.  A few days without students so I could work on the planning/organizing side of things.” Little did I know that I would see that happen this year.

We were told to begin preparing for a shutdown early in the week of March 9th.  My first reaction was pretty much disbelief, quickly followed by, “Ok, we might be doing this.”  On Friday, March 13, many of us showed movies while getting materials ready to go home to cover two weeks worth of school work. I had a student notice and ask why all the classes were watching movies, lol.

Shortly before dismissal, we still weren’t positive it was going to happen, but materials were prepared and ready to go. I honestly feel a little emotional when I think about how my entire school worked together to make this happen. The nurse, the secretary, my principal, and every teacher asked, “What do you need me to do?”   We all just worked together and did it. I will always appreciate being where I was during this time.

I sat the kids down on the carpet and filled them in on what might happen. I explained what was going home with them.  We talked about bringing the work back the next week if we did have school. They asked questions that I tried to answer, if I could.  At 2nd grade, this was probably bigger than they could imagine. Ditto for me!

It has been two weeks now,  and the state has extended the shut down through April 7. This week, my school had a teacher parade. We drove through the small town I teach in and honked and waved at kids (and adults) as they stood in their yards. It was heartwarming to see so many happy faces! Then, I came home and virtually planned for the next week with my teaching partner.

I miss my class and my classroom. While it is comfortable to just stay home, I do miss the interactions with the kids.  I don’t get to see how they are doing, what books they are reading, hear them talk about TikTok or Youtube or their games or church group. These are things you kind of take for granted, until you don’t get to experience them. Hopefully there will be a chance this school year for us to go back and reconnect!