Allie Schlosser, RN BSN – St. John’s Emergency Department

I’ve been a nurse for almost three years – I come from a family full of nurses. I decided to carry on the torch when I lost my grandfather in 2012. I chose Emergency Medicine because I love knowing a little bit about a lot. I care for people from all walks of life… when you step through those doors you are cared for regardless of race, religion, age, gender, social status, health insurance, etc… from 2 day old precious babes to your sassy little lady pushing 103. I have witnessed life and death in the same room … just days/hours apart. What keeps me going on the loonnnnnggggg days is the unknown, the adrenaline, the team I work beside day in and day out, the countless thank yous and words of appreciation from patients and their families, the smiles you can create on the faces of people at their lowest, and the comfort you give those who are petrified. I think most of all what keeps me going is the passion I have for people. Helping people, loving people, and comforting people. At the end of the day of my worst day, when I think I’ve failed, if i can find one tiny tiny moment where i made a difference in someone’s life … than I have done my job. I am honored to be an ER nurse and stand beside my team every day.

As healthcare workers, we took an oath to continue caring for others through the good, the bad, and the ugly… Unfortunately, it takes a global pandemic to bring the world together. We wouldn’t be able to get through these trying times without the love and support from families, friends, and the team we work with everyday. We have had countless donations sent to us from all over –whether it be food to give us energy or the protective items we need to stay safe so we can continue our mission to fight COVID-19. Supplies not used directly by us are being donated to patients and their families. It has been amazing to see how everyone has come together to support healthcare workers and we appreciate more than anyone will ever know.