Owen’s mom and I have been best friends for 21 years now.  Ok, so maybe 20.5–those first 6 months of high school she was pretty skeptical of me, but I won her over in the end.  She’s the closest thing to a sister I will ever have.  She has been “Aunt Sarah” to my girls for 8 years now.  Always lending an ear to let me vent about the struggles of motherhood, or even flying across country to help me drive my 6 month old and 2 dogs thousands of miles home.  I always knew she would be a wonderful mother and now I get to share in that joy with her as she has brought little Owen into the fold our extended family of all girls! I’ve loved getting to photograph him through out his first year.  He’s such a handsome little munchkin!!  Happy Birthday O!!!owen (4) owen (9) owen (11) owen (14) owen (19)