Who doesn’t love a good mail day?  Honestly, I do a lot of shopping for myself and my photography studio via the Internet.  With 3 year old twins at home, shopping just isn’t as enjoyable as it used to be! Our trusty mailman, Lonnie, is always greeted with a great big smile from the girls and I when a package (or 2, or 10) arrives.  Today was no exception!  After lunch I hurried outside to see if anything was waiting for me, and was super excited to find 3 things!  The girls got some cute ruffle pants to go with their ever expanding Matilda Jane closet, and I received a new wool layer piece for newborn photography sessions.  I always wash everything after they touch my newborns for sanitary reasons, but some items are super delicate and need hand washing.  Unfortunately my last wool layer snuck its way into the laundry and was destroyed so I was so happy when my replacement glam layer from Art My Blanket arrived today.  My favorite goody of the day was this Newborn Photography is my Cardio tee from Sunrise Lane.  Anyone who has seen me work knows that photographing newborns is like a weird hot yoga class.  It’s 80+ degrees in my studio and I am bending and contorting into every weird position possible to get the perfect angle for those newborn portraits.  I am always on the lookout for something comfy to wear to my sessions but that still feels somewhat like a uniform, and this tee fit the bill. It is so soft and slouchy, and looked cute with my Strawberry Revolution headband which is also a must for those hot newborn sessions.

IMG_0665_0091 IMG_0669_0096

Nevermind my 3 year old getting ready to chuck a toy at her sister in the background while I take a million selfies trying to get a “good” one on a bad hair day!

I think now I am on the lookout for this shirt in wholesale so I can have some printed with my logo on them.  Something about having a nice “uniform” to wear to my portrait sessions makes me feel a little more put together!