Double Trouble!  It’s only March and I have had two sets of newborn twins in the studio, so much fun!  One of the things I enjoy about twin sessions is the chance to work with other local photographers.  Trying to handle these sessions on your own is a lot of work, and to make sure babies are handled carefully while Mom and Dad can sit back and relax, I pair up with another newborn photographer and we help each other out for our newborn twin sessions.  April Mateer of April Mateer Photography and I have paired up this year to help each other out with our twin clients.  It’s really fun to work with another person in your field, and get their perspective and see how they do things a little differently.  I’m lucky that I have found a great group of photographers locally who embrace community over competition.

Cooper and Claire have some big shoes to fill as they aren’t the only set of twins in their family of 7…Yup you heard right, Cooper and Claire also have twin siblings, Gage and Grace as well as a big brother Carter!  Getting to know this Party of Seven has been a fun ride for me and I cannot wait to see what the year brings for them!  IMG_1520_0765 IMG_1500_0745 IMG_1475_0722 IMG_1450_0697 IMG_1444_0691 cooperandclaire 1 web IMG_1423_0670 IMG_1420_0667