Confidence- it’s something I thought I lost along the way.  Somewhere between feeding babies, changing poopy diapers, and wearing yoga pants daily, it just slipped away into the night..along with my cute outfits, makeup, and non granny panties 😉  As my kids have gotten older, and more independent, I find myself in a new chapter of life; and I want that confidence back.  I mean, I birthed 3 babies! I carried two babies inside of me at the same time!  I survived years of bottles, diapers, late nights, and early mornings, and managed to start an awesome business that I truly love and gives me such great joy.  I have every right to take hold of that long forgotten confidence and start to build it back up.

And that’s what this was about.  It was something I did for me, and it made me feel beautiful.  It made me feel powerful, and dare I say, gave me a little more pep in my step the next day.  And slowly, I began sharing these with my closest friends, and you know what…they wanted to feel that confident too.

What I’ve learned from this is, this type of portraiture is for every woman. It doesn’t matter your jean size or your bra size; how old you are or what your marital status is.  Every woman deserves to feel her very best.  And if this is something you are interested in, then let’s talk.  I have an amazing collaboration going on with fellow photographer, and let me say, master of making you look HAWT, Kim Gunter.  We want to bring confidence and empowerment to each and every one of you.


“Some women fear the fire. Some women simply become it.”  Be that one who engulfs herself in the flames.